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The Power of Community in Battling Cancer with Jace Yawnick

Jace Yawnick, a cancer survivor, shares his journey of battling cancer and how he is inspiring others through his platform. He talks about the emotional experience of writing his will with his father and the realization that material possessions don't matter compared...

Focusing on the Work, Not the Reward with Dr. Eric Thomas

The conversation between Shawn French and ET revolves around the themes of determination, clarity, and personal growth. Dr. Eric Thomas Eric Thomas, Ph.D., is a critically acclaimed author, World-renowned speaker, educator, pastor, and Audie Awards...

Resilience & Radiance: A Journey of Overcoming with Jessica Weaver

Listen Now > In this conversation, host Shawn French interviews Jessica Weaver, also known as Jesse cakes, about her journey of overcoming challenges, including cervical cancer and domestic abuse. They discuss the importance of being a positive role model,...

Authenticity Unleashed: Navigating Adversity, Overcoming Failure, and Embracing Change with Marques Ogden

Listen Now > In this conversation, Shawn French and Marques Ogden discuss the importance of authenticity, embracing change, and overcoming failure. They emphasize the need to be true to oneself and connect with others genuinely. They also highlight the significance...

Journey of a Cancer Survivor: Jody Younker’s Story Addressing Trauma and Healing for Success

Listen Now >  Jody Yonker shares her journey as a cancer survivor, discussing the emotional impact, family dynamics, and the transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship. Shawn French reflects on his own health scare and the challenges of corporate culture....

Exposure or Exposed?

Listen now! Shawn French In this show Shawn French gets perfectly clear on what is broken within youth sports. I go into great detail as to what I truly believe the issues are and I also explain that I AM NOT against Travel Ball or Showcases. What I AM AGAINST is it...

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Becoming Break Proof with Jennifer Drummond

Becoming Break Proof with Jennifer Drummond

Listen Now > Jennifer Drummond, a motivational keynote speaker and world record holder, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming obstacles and achieving her goals. After surviving a life-threatening accident, Jennifer decided to live life to the fullest and...

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Overcoming Setbacks: Brandon Siler’s Path to Success

Overcoming Setbacks: Brandon Siler’s Path to Success

Listen Now > Former NFL player Brandon Siler shares his journey of overcoming setbacks and finding a fulfilling career outside of professional sports. But just when everything seems to be going well, an unexpected challenge arises, leaving Brandon faced with a...

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