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In this episode, Shawn French interviews Jason Redman, a retired Navy SEAL and motivational speaker. Jason shares his journey from becoming a SEAL to facing a leadership failure and a near-fatal ambush. He emphasizes the importance of leading oneself, setting goals, and maintaining positivity in the face of challenges. Jason also discusses his speaking engagements and future plans, including launching a podcast and speaker training. Shawn French speaks to Jason Redman about his experiences and insights on leadership and personal growth. They discuss the importance of speaking freely and creating platforms for open discussion. Jason also shares his expertise in teaching effective speaking and the challenges of public speaking. They touch on building a speaking brand and how to contact Jason Redman. Finally, they talk about Jason’s new venture, Patriot Seltzer, and share closing remarks.

Key Conversation Points:

Leading oneself is crucial for personal and professional growth. Setting goals helps maintain focus and drive. Leadership is about inspiring and enabling others to be successful. Maintaining positivity in the face of challenges is essential for effective leadership. Being genuine and speaking the truth are key aspects of leadership. Speaking freely allows for open and honest discussions. Creating platforms for open discussion is important for sharing ideas and perspectives. Effective speaking can be taught and learned. Public speaking can be challenging but can be improved with practice and guidance. Building a speaking brand requires branding, pricing, and delivering impactful speeches. Contact Jason Redman through his website for leadership and fitness coaching. Patriot Seltzer is a new venture by Jason Redman that aims to be a fun and patriotic brand. Chapters

00:00 Introduction and Background

02:57Jason Redman’s Journey to Becoming a Navy SEAL

06:20 Leadership Failure and Rock Bottom

08:57Jason Redman’s Near-Fatal Ambush and Recovery

10:41 The Importance of Overcoming Hard Times

14:13 Strategies for Rebuilding Credibility and Trust

19:17 Leading Yourself and Setting Goals

24:13 Leading Others and Maintaining Positivity

30:46 Jason Redman’s Speaking Engagements and Future Plans

39:34 Speaking Freely

40:06 Creating Platforms for Open Discussion

41:14 Teaching Effective Speaking

42:25 The Challenges of Public Speaking

43:31 Building a Speaking Brand

44:20 Contacting Jason Redman

44:43 Patriot Seltzer

46:08 Closing Remarks

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