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Jennifer Drummond, a motivational keynote speaker and world record holder, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming obstacles and achieving her goals. After surviving a life-threatening accident, Jennifer decided to live life to the fullest and pursue her passions. She embarked on a quest to climb the seven second summits, the second highest peaks on each continent. Throughout her climbs, Jennifer learned valuable lessons about resilience, teamwork, and the importance of putting people over peaks. Her book, ‘Break Proof’, chronicles her experiences and provides tools for readers to apply these lessons to their own lives. In this conversation, Jen Drummond shares her incredible experiences of surviving a car accident, climbing dangerous mountains, and overcoming anthrax. Her mindset and determination are evident as she faces life-threatening situations with resilience and a refusal to give up. Jen’s story serves as a reminder that we can overcome any obstacle and achieve our dreams.

Key Moments: Embrace challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning. Surround yourself with a supportive team to help you achieve your goals. Put people and relationships above achievements and success. Stay committed and focused on your journey, even when faced with self-doubt and obstacles. Resilience and a strong mindset are crucial in overcoming life-threatening situations. The support and love of family can provide the motivation to keep fighting. Cherishing the small moments and finding beauty in the world can help maintain perspective during challenging times. Connecting with others and sharing our stories can inspire and motivate others to overcome their own obstacles.

Chapters 00:00Introduction and Background

01:03Jennifer’s Accident and Awakening

08:24Jennifer’s Journey of Climbing Summits

15:03Overcoming Obstacles and Self-Doubt

19:42Putting People Over Peaks

25:47Jennifer’s Book ‘Break Proof’

27:22Lessons from Climbing Mountains

31:20Completing the Seven Second Summits

33:26Returning to K2 and Overcoming Challenges

35:56Jen’s Escape from Pakistan

38:31Facing a 40% Chance of Survival

41:24The Power of Mindset

42:27Connecting with Jen

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