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In this episode, Shawn French interviews Freddy Stevenson, a former NCAA football national champion and NFL player. Freddy shares his inspiring story of growing up in a homeless family and facing adversity. He talks about his journey from playing football at Florida State University to entering the NFL. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, Freddy remains motivated and focused on achieving his goals. He emphasizes the importance of discipline, consistency, and accountability in overcoming obstacles and pursuing success. Freddie shares his journey of transitioning from sports to writing a book and eventually getting into the film industry. His book, which initially aimed to help athletes struggling with the transition, gained global recognition and impacted people from all walks of life. Despite facing challenges and rejections, Freddie’s story went viral and attracted the attention of film producers. He signed a deal with Warner Brothers and released his first independent film. Through his work, Freddie aims to tell inspiring stories and make a positive impact on others. The key takeaway is to believe in your vision and trust the process, knowing that God has a bigger plan.


No matter where you come from, you can overcome adversity and achieve success. Motivation may not always be present, but discipline and consistency are key to reaching your goals. Surrounding yourself with successful individuals can push you to become better. Don’t let setbacks define you; use them as motivation to prove yourself. Believe in yourself and trust the process, even when faced with challenges and obstacles. Believe in your vision and don’t let others’ limitations define you. Your story can have a global impact and inspire people from all walks of life. Trust the process and have faith that God has a bigger plan. Helping others and making a positive impact is a fulfilling purpose. Connect with Freddie-


Trials to Triumph

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