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In this conversation, host Shawn French interviews Jessica Weaver, also known as Jesse cakes, about her journey of overcoming challenges, including cervical cancer and domestic abuse. They discuss the importance of being a positive role model, surrounding oneself with quality people, and the impact of energy and emotional intelligence. Jessica shares her experience of facing death and how it has taught her to appreciate every moment. She emphasizes the significance of leading with love and gratitude and encourages listeners to reflect on their regrets and cherish their relationships. In this conversation, Shawn French and Jessica Weaver discuss the fragility of life and the importance of being present with loved ones. They also explore the challenges of balancing work and family time, and the need to teach children how to deal with big emotions. Jessica shares her plans for her podcast and coaching calls, and the impact she hopes to have on others. They discuss the power of in-person interviews and the influence of podcasting. They also delve into the importance of overcoming challenges and building resilience, and the long-lasting effects of childhood experiences.

Key Conversation Points:

Overcoming challenges and becoming a positive role model can inspire others. Surrounding yourself with quality people can have a positive impact on your life. Energy and emotional intelligence play a significant role in relationships. Facing death can lead to a greater appreciation for life and the importance of cherishing relationships. Life is fragile, and it’s important to cherish and be present with loved ones. Teaching children how to deal with big emotions is crucial for their emotional well-being. Balancing work and family time can be challenging, but setting boundaries and being present can help. Creating a podcast and coaching calls can be a powerful way to support and inspire others. Overcoming challenges and building resilience can lead to personal growth and a stronger mindset.