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In this conversation, Shawn French and Marques Ogden discuss the importance of authenticity, embracing change, and overcoming failure. They emphasize the need to be true to oneself and connect with others genuinely. They also highlight the significance of adapting and pivoting in life and business. The conversation explores the journey to success and the lessons learned from failure. Additionally, they discuss the power of letting go of negativity and focusing on personal growth. The conversation concludes with insights on dealing with failure in relationships and the challenges of co-parenting. In this conversation, Marques Ogden discusses the importance of overcoming adversity and staying determined. He emphasizes the value of sharing one’s hero’s journey and being authentic and relatable. Marques also shares his experiences with co-parenting challenges and the exhaustion of dealing with conflict. He highlights the benefits of surrounding oneself with the right people and the importance of collaboration and partnership. Marques talks about the creation of his podcast, Get Authentic, and the power of authenticity in achieving victory. He concludes by discussing how to connect with him and the results and growth that can be achieved through his services.

Key Conversation Points:

Overcoming adversity and staying determined are crucial for success. Sharing your hero’s journey and being authentic and relatable can create opportunities. Surrounding yourself with the right people is essential for personal and professional growth. Letting go of control and embracing authenticity can lead to success and fulfillment. Connect With Marques-




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